The Art of Customer Service

Impeccable customer service goes beyond responding to a customer’s needs in a timely fashion. Some companies, like Chick-fil-A and Morton’s, have embraced a culture that goes above and beyond to please their fans. I had the pleasure of experiencing remarkable service at The Masters. Held every year at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga., the legendary golf tournament is a “tradition like no other” because of the lingering effect it has on attendees long after it ends. They broadcast their love of the event on social media (afterwards because no cell phones are allowed on property) and talk about the opportunity with friends and family for years to come. I understood why after attending a practice session days before the official tournament. I found amazing service and amenties at the club. From the perfectly manicured grounds to the attendants in the bathroom, every detail is covered. The exclusive club sells pimento cheese sandwiches for only $1.50, embraces a culture of Southern hospitality where attendees stay in homes rather than hotels, and welcomes attendees with friendly, smiling volunteers. Sports events can take attendees for granted, assuming they come for the love of the game or to support a favorite player or loved one. Tournaments that go the extra mile, however, have the opportunity to turn fans of a sport into fans of their events. Teams come back year after year, families tag along and everyone spreads the word. The Masters is one of more than 40 tournaments on the PGA Tour, but it stands out above the rest. What details could you pay attention to that would blow your attendees away? How can you turn attendees into fans?