Adam Andrasko Jumps In at USA Synchro

By Nina Barbero, February 27, 2019

Do the Olympic Games lose their excitement because you work in this industry?

I can’t say that it loses excitement. You do have to turn your eye to what you’re working on and how awe-inspiring that is a little bit more often. I think as a common fan, you see the Olympic Games come around every four years and you go and you get excited. Well for us, it is an everyday opportunity that we live in. I like to take a step back at the beginning or the end of every day and acknowledge that the opportunity you have in front of you to work for a sport that captures the hearts and minds of every American at least on a four-year basis is a pretty exciting opportunity.

What are some of the lessons from USA Field Hockey that you think will help guide you in this new position?

The most important thing that I’ve learned is that it’s important to focus on the member, because they’re what makes everything happen. They are the foundation; they come to your events; they’re the ones that support you in fundraising; they’re the ones that bring in sponsors; they’re the ones that are in the sport every single day with a true passion and desire to not just make themselves better but make the sport as a whole better.

What changes will fans notice with USA Synchro?

I think that those fans will see that national team as a team. We’ll know that after the Pan-Am Games. If we don’t qualify there, there’s a last-chance qualifier where they’ll have an opportunity to make the Olympic Games, so that’s most important. Beyond that, as I mentioned, there’s a new coaching staff and with a new coaching staff comes a new swimming style. Because of that new swimming style, I hope that we are more and more competitive in the world ranks, because obviously that is our primary goal.

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