Adam Andrasko Jumps In at USA Synchro

By Nina Barbero, February 27, 2019

Tell me about the International Olympic Academy.

That was a three-week opportunity that I had to travel to Olympia, Greece and engage with 155 counterparts and colleagues of mine from 88 countries. We had immersive opportunities in Athens and Olympia, Greece to interact, educate ourselves, hear from some of the highest-level educators in Olympic Education ideals and the sport-business-side of the Olympic Games. We had the opportunity to interact, learn cultural norms, cultural differences, and understand each other in a really unique setting. I wish that everybody who is inspired by the Olympic Games, who is excited by the ideals of the Olympic Games has an opportunity to travel to Olympia, Greece, as it is a very small place but a very exciting place and full of Olympic spirit.

What’s your opinion on the financial impact of hosting the Olympics in the U.S.?

As you know, the 2028 Olympics will be hosted in L.A. and for us as a sporting organization that provides a unique opportunity to our athletes because we’re automatically qualified for the games. In that context of it, [I’m] extremely excited. It’s very clear that competitive balance in home games shifts significantly, so it allows teams to prepare and hopefully compete at a higher level. The USOC and L.A. 2028 put together a very informed and educated bid that is really aimed at reducing the cost for infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, venue infrastructure, all those things, and using what’s already existing. L.A. 2028 will make sure that we have one of the greatest games of all time, but not at the detriment of any of our fellow countrymen as you’ve seen has been some of the public issues with spending in many of these other Olympic Games.


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