Alan Kidd Named New NASC Chief

By Matt Swenson, February 8, 2017

Alan Kidd NASCAlan Kidd, newly appointed president and CEO of National Association of Sports Commissions, will be the first person to head NASC other than Don Schumacher. That fact could be a blessing or a curse. On one hand, Kidd is replacing an icon in the sports tourism business. But the association’s first transfer of power, to be made official at the NASC Symposium in Sacramento, California, in late March, allows room for new ideas that may not otherwise be available. Kidd takes the latter point of view and is excited to grow NASC’s base and influence. He’ll incorporate lessons learned as president of San Diego Sports Commission and San Diego Hall of Champions, as well as leading advertising and marketing companies, into his new position. Kidd laid out his vision with Connect Sports.

Do you see similarities between yourself and Don Schumacher?

Don has obviously grown the organization from the grassroots level. I have experience doing that in the advertising and marketing world, similarly growing an organization that becomes something much bigger. It becomes your baby. I think Don has built a core foundation and understating of what NASC wanted to stand for. My job coming in is to be able to leverage that and bring some of the collective experience I’ve had to get NASC to the next level.

What is that next level?

The biggest thing is what is the value of the organization to its membership. How do we impact people outside of the membership, and create value for them that creates value for our membership or our ability to expand the membership? Can we grow beyond a member-driven organization? Can we increase relevance on a national and international scale? What I mean by relevance is that when it comes to looking at influential factors for growing marketplaces and tourism, we should be the first people [organizations] talk to every single time.

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