Central Virginia Sports Highlights Growing Athletics Business

By Clay Sauertieg, November 29, 2018

“Our ultimate goal is to be an added economic catalyst and improve community vitality through world class service,” Russo said. “Our region is doing a tremendous amount of sports business that many people are unaware of and we plan on tracking that business and bringing the awareness and support to the forefront while using the information for future sport development in regards to programming and facilities.”

He added that the site is just one of a number of steps, and that a September or October date is planned for a full launch of the business. If all goes according to plan, Russo says he’s hoping to make an announcement regarding the first events in the beginning of 2019.

“Our goal is to create events that are unique to the area as well as expand events that are already hosted here,” he said.

Russo says that the business has already been in talks with six area colleges and universities, four of which have NCAA intercollegiate athletic programs, regarding how they can best partner with and support the schools.

“These institutions’ athletic programs and events have a tremendous impact on the local businesses and economy that is seldom measured, tracked or cultivated, he said. “We plan on helping to make local businesses aware of this and cultivating support and excitement around this culture to help its growth.” Ultimately, Russo says that the business is young and still developing, but he sees a bright future ahead.

“The business is still very new and it’s a unique model, the likes of which our community has never seen before,” he said. “We have our minds open to new business ideas that help accomplish our mission and look forward to uncovering more needs and ideas that we can assist with in the future. This is only the beginning.”

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