Danny Trosset Gives the 411 on Seminole County, Florida

By Dawn Reiss, January 10, 2019

What has happened since you launched in the campaign in 2015?

At first, some of the local businesses were apprehensive because they wanted to be different from Orlando. Some folks thought we were changing our name, even though we weren’t. They didn’t want anything to do with Orlando and thought it was a terrible idea. But once businesses started seeing stronger numbers and more visitors started coming from different places, they wanted us to keep doing what we were doing. We needed to keep driving more people to our destination and it took a little time. After three years, it’s been unbelievable the growth we’ve seen and people are happy now.

Can you quantify the kind of growth you’ve seen?

We saw about a 53 percent increase in website traffic. Our hotel occupancy rates went from 66.7 percent in 2014 to 69.8 percent a year later, going up to 74.6 percent in 2017.  Our ADR [average daily rate] numbers have also gone up from $76.09 in 2014 to $82.11 in 2015 to $94.39 in 2017.

What’s something that a lot of people don’t know about you?

I started nonprofit called Sports4Kids. Every single penny that we raise goes to providing a scholarship to financially disadvantaged kids in the central Florida area who want to play sports. A lot of kids can’t afford to participate in local sports because of the registration fees. There are so many families and parents that just automatically assume they can’t afford to put my kids into sports like Pop Warner or Little League.

We raise funds and award partial scholarships, so if there’s a $150 fee, and we’ll pay $75 and then it’s up the parents to pay the additional $75. In 2018 we’ve already awarded over 200 scholarships, doubling the number we did in 2017. One of our founding board members was Stan Van Gundy, when he was coach of the Orlando Magic because he lived in Lake Mary. We also do sports equipment collection drives.

A Banner Year

In the recently closed fiscal year 2017/2018, Seminole Country hosted 108 youth, collegiate and amateur sporting events that generated more than 34,000 hotel room nights. In the same time frame, the county’s sporting arenas actualized an economic impact of $39,636,651.00, exceeding the projected total by $3,886,529.00.

BOOMBAH Soldiers Creek Park

Since Boombah Sports Complex opened in fiscal year 2015/16, the county has hosted 146 events there, bringing in more than 350,000 visitors to the complex. The facility has generated nearly $54 million dollars in economic impact over the past 2.5 years. In the upcoming 2018-2019 fiscal year, these numbers are projected to increase even more, with more than than 100 sports tournaments scheduled to be played at the complex and various parks countywide. All told, officials estimate an economic impact of more than $48 million dollars.

Case Study

ECNL Boys Soccer Tournament took place at Seminole Soccer Complex and Sylvan Lake Park on Dec. 29-31, 2018. It is projected to generate more than 2,100 room nights for an economic impact of $1,960,547.00. More than 165 teams participated in the event.