Mentor Series: Brian D’Amico, USA Triathlon

By Emily Freehling, April 21, 2017

USA Triathlon’s National Events Director Brian D’Amico always tries to see the big picture of what his organization is working on and meet the needs of the people who make those plans happen.

It’s a lesson he learned more than four years ago working at United Soccer League under then-president Tim Holt.

“From when I began as an intern until I was senior director of youth league development, I cannot begin to count the number of times Tim took time out of his chaotic schedule to work through potential challenges,” says D’Amico. “Tim’s effectiveness in ensuring all individuals within the organization were treated with the utmost respect is a trait of his I still try to emulate today.”

Holt, who is now managing director of San Antonio FC, always made an effort to see potential problems from the perspective of the outside organizations USL partnered with, D’Amico says. That’s a lesson he continues to remember in his daily work.

In managing USL’s staff, plus an organization made up of multiple leagues and teams, Holt kept the people, politics and all current issues at the forefront of his mind. That way, D’Amico says, Holt never needed a refresher at the beginning of a conversation.

It all goes back to the lesson of valuing people on the individual level, D’Amico says.

“It goes a long way to know your colleagues not only respect your work for the betterment of the organization, but that they know you value them as individuals.”

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