Pedro Meloni Takes Over USA Weightlifting’s Events

By Matt Swenson, January 19, 2017

Pedro Meloni, USA Weightlifting’s new senior manager of events, will be carrying the NGB’s lion’s share of responsibilities selecting sites and running expert competitions. The job is a testament to his strength providing order to what otherwise could be chaos on stages as big as the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. “When you are dealing with more than 7 billion viewers and the top athletes in the world, you have to be sure you are able to deliver a field of play that is up to expectations,” he says.

While he’s earned a strong reputation across the globe, don’t expect Meloni to flex his muscles lifting weights. The native Brazilian has never competed in the sport—he practiced judo instead. Regardless, Meloni’s experience suggests he is the right man for the job at USA Weightlifting. Connect Sports talked to Meloni as he was making the move from Brazil to Colorado Springs for the next chapter in his career and life.

Describe your duties for the 2016 Rio Games.

I was the sport manager for both weightlifting and Paralympic powerlifting. At the Olympic Games Organizing Committee, the sport manager is the person responsible for ensuring all the technical rules are strictly followed during the planning period. The sport manager is also the key contact with the international federations and the main person responsible for ensuring the competition will run smoothly.

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