5 Questions With Terry Hasseltine, Maryland Stadium Authority

By Joe Bush, October 14, 2015

0901_CNS_Hasseltine_MugThe son of a softball coach, Terry Hasseltine, vice president of Maryland Stadium Authority and executive director of Maryland Sports, has seen women steadily climb the athletics ladder. As the father of two school-age daughters, Hasseltine couldn’t be happier to see the change, particularly in his field of sports tourism. “It’s not whether you’re male or female; it’s hard work, determination and drive,” says the veteran who has worked for NCAA and NAIA, the National Association of Sports Commissions and the sports commissions of Louisville and Maryland. “If you put all that together with meeting the right people, you’re going to be successful. A decade or more ago there was probably not the mindset that everybody can do anything.” Hasseltine discussed the rise of women in the industry with Connect Sports.

How would you describe the ascent of women in this industry?

You’re dealing with several generations now of women who have been exposed to opportunities that didn’t exist 50 years ago. Doors have opened; barriers have been cut down. The presentation of opportunities has come from Title IX and other initiatives, which have empowered women to lead—and not only in sports tourism. Women are linked into more than women’s sports. Look at the media now. Look at ESPN. You’re seeing broadcasters and newscasters; you’re seeing sideline reporters, for both men’s and women’s sports; you’re seeing female officials now in the NFL.

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