Rocky Mountain Sports Park Aims High

By Matt Swenson, July 21, 2017

By fall 2018, Rocky Mountain Sports Park will be more than a dream. The first phase of the project, highlighted by a 10,000-seat stadium, will be wrapping up next year, but that’s not the summit for this facility in Windsor, Colorado.

Come spring 2019, Rocky Mountain Sports Park plans to be the world’s largest sports park. With a primary focus on baseball and softball, it will hold 65 fields fit for toddlers through collegiate athletes.

“The big push will be for international and U.S.-based tournaments,” says Shawn Logan, the venue’s director of marketing.

Logan, a youth coach himself, says these fields of dreams fill a need. “In Colorado, there’s just not enough fields for youth,” Logan says. “There are waiting lists for kids to play.”

Hence, Rocky Mountain Sports Park includes a fourplex dedicated strictly to T-ball fields. There are 16 tournament-ready fields apiece for baseball and softball, 10 youth fields and five diamonds suited for high school and college games.

But baseball and softball won’t be the only games in town when the sports park opens its gates. Logan reports 12 fields will be multipurpose to target soccer, lacrosse and football.

All of the athletic surfaces are artificial turf.

High season will be Memorial Day through Labor Day. A facility fact sheet predicts more than 80,000 hotel room nights will be filled annually over the 14-week tournament season and more than 100,000 visitors are expected per year.

The $225 million project is the brainchild of Mike Billadeau, a local coach and umpire. Former Colorado Rockies outfielder Ryan Spilborghs will serve as a liaison to bring in professional and college ballplayers to instruct youth.

  • Dave Ruane

    No comments after more than 3 months??? Let me start the discussion…

    Here are some of the many reasons why this project should be concerning for Windsor and the surrounding communities:
    -The lack of experience the stakeholders have in a project like this.
    -The way these stakeholders have treated landowners in and around the ever-changing borders of this park proposal. I look forward to hearing about some of the planned land purchases that apparently have “fallen through”
    -the lack of communication with landowners and surrounding neighborhoods – they think it is OK to say “call us” rather than being proactive and sending out letters or arranging meetings. Even oil & gas develpoment have more respect for surrounding neighborhoods than RMSP!
    -they even published a map on May 30 that turned homes into parking lots without even trying to contact those homeowners
    – The inner turmoil they appear to be having within their own ranks – the “founder/president/director of ops” was apparently ousted even before the groundbreaking!
    – The location: Seriously – the Harmony Road Corridor is a thruway – not a place for a “tourist destination”. It is already a mess and they still show the same size roadways in their maps.
    – The impact of artificial lights and noise on surrounding neighbors and neighborhoods appear to be of no concern to these guys. They have even told homeowners that asked – :”you cannot do anything about the noise and lights because of the zoning” and something about 2am!
    – The impact of traffic and parking to the neighboring neighborhoods and communities like Severance appear to be of no concern to these guys. (I watched two near collisions occur for people trying to enter their ‘invite-only’ groundbreaking). BTW, why was the groundbreaking “invite-only” and why did they post a Windsor Police Officer at the entrance?
    – The lack of permits thus far…
    – Their primary contractor is an out of state (Casper, Wyoming) company (they cannot even use local service providers??)
    – The open-ended support they are getting from city of Windsor. The mayor was unaware and even denied that there were homes within the border of their May 30 published map! Is the city planning on using taxpayer money to rebuild the infrastructure for this project? Are they planning on buying it when it becomes apparent it is failing (my guess is that will occur within the first 5 years).
    – The low to mediocre response to the project on social media. I know photographers that get more followers in a shorter amount of time than these guys! Does this reflect the real interest of the project?
    – The confusion that this is somehow a “community” project for kids – kinda like a Parks & Rec department at a city. It is NOT – it is a commercial, for-profit, pay-to-play sport park!

    So many more reasons that I am aware of and will certainly become evident in the next few months. I guess it is easy to spend overpaid baseball players’ surplus money, but that doesn’t make this project a good thing for the community. I do agree with the mayor that this project “will forever change the face of Windsor” – but more like a nasty scar…

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