Up for Bid: 2017-2019 CrossFit Games

By Connect Sports Staff, April 26, 2016

CrossFit, Inc., is currently looking for hosts for the 2017-2019 CrossFit Games. The weeklong summertime event features the world’s fittest 40 men, 40 women, 40 teams, 40 teenage competitors and 200 masters (athletes who are older than 40). More than 75,000 spectators attend the Games, the majority of which come from outside the host region. In addition, the Games bring in huge amount of television exposure—in the form of 9.5 hours of live coverage on ESPN and ESPN2 and more than 40 total programming hours on ESPN and ESPN2.

Here are the details:

Deadline to declare interest: May 15, 2016

Time of year: July 18-24, 2017 or July 25-July 31, 2017; July 17-23 or July 24-30, 2018; July 16-22 or July 23-29

Venue requirements: 12,000-18,000-seat soccer/football stadium; 8,000-12,000-seat tennis /baseball/hockey arena; swimming facility (pool and open water); hiking and running courses.

Estimated number of athletes: More than 360

Estimated number of spectators: More than 75,000

Hotel requirements: 2-3 hotels

Rate: Flexible

Rights fee: $100,000

For more information or to receive the full RFP, email Billy Rodgers at billy@crossfitgames.com.


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