2018 Game Changers: Dan Gilman, Pittsburgh Mayor's Office

Dan Gilman

Dan Gilman is chief of staff at the office of Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto. As a 2018 Connect Sports Game Changer, he discusses his passion for sports tourism.

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Why I Am a Game Changer: Pittsburgh is a great sports town—from Super Bowl rings and Stanley Cups to youth football. Recognizing this, I have spent several years pushing for the creation of a true sports commission in Pittsburgh to promote sports tourism. Through my role in City Hall and as a board member of VisitPittsburgh, I supported the creation of SportsPittsburgh.

Impressive Stats: Pittsburgh was awarded 22 NCAA championships in the coming years—more than any other city in the country.

What I Am Working on Now: We want to make sure all major sporting events hosted in Pittsburgh leave a lasting legacy on our community. We are working hard to make sure all 22 NCAA championships are accessible to children in our city, empower young women in athletics and promote the culture of Pittsburgh.

What I Do Outside of Work: I love to spend time with my wife and two kids. I still try to play basketball and flag football in leagues, and I love watching sports with my kids and teaching them how to play.