Connect Sports All-Stars Win Visit Myrtle Beach Basketball Tournament

Connect Sports All-Stars Visit Myrtle Beach Basketball Tournament
The Connect Sports All-Stars stood tall in the Visit Myrtle Beach Basketball Tournament in Grapevine, Texas. (You can watch the highlights here.) Team members credit the shortest player on the court: Jackson Higgins. The school-age son of Connect’s Vice President of Marketplaces Patrick Higgins more than proved he belonged on the court during the two-day tournament at Connect Sports Marketplace. Jackson sank a jump shot and handed out some fancy assists in leading the team to the championship. “That kid is going to be good,” proclaims A.J. Vassar, Connect’s bruising power forward. “That little guy was fearless and loved playing the game with his dad.” To win the title, Connect staged a comeback to defeat Overland Park Plays It Forward, 51-46. The victory raised a few eyebrows from skeptics wondering if the All-Stars somehow rigged the tournament in their favor. Vassar says there’s some legitimacy to that claim. “Each one of our parents rigged us to be better than all the other teams we played,” says Vassar, who’s planning to retire from the competition rather than face the backlash over his trash talking. In reality, the All-Stars were impressed by their competition throughout the tournament. “We had to fight to win!” exclaims Keenan Medlock, a self-described defensive specialist. Now the pressure will build over the next year for Connect to repeat in New Orleans, which is also hosting the NBA All-Star Game in 2017. We’ll leave it to our readers to decide which is the bigger event. Never one to fear a friendly boast, Connect’s Zane Gray says he’s “never pressured,” noting the All-Stars “just needed to show up and dress up” to win this year. Ladies and gentlemen, you have your bulletin board material for Connect Sports Marketplace 2017.