Expert Opinions: How to Secure Partners

Megan Ditchman, Marketing Manager and Programs Assistant, Elite Tournaments “Many partners that are looking at putting money into an event want to work with nonprofit organizations so the process can be tax-deductible. We have overcome this obstacle by encouraging potential sponsors to consider the marketing and branding opportunities our events provide. This way, they could justify including our sponsorships in their advertising/marketing budgets instead of the sponsorship budgets that so often go to nonprofit entities.” Thad Anderson, Executive Producer, Triple Crown Sports “Finding partnerships that truly benefit both parties [is key]. We don’t view sponsorship as a passive activity. We believe that a successful partnership creates activity for both parties and results in tangible benefits for everyone involved.” Robert Pozo, President, Continental Event and Sports Management Group “Sponsors are being courted constantly by all sorts of events, and getting in front of the right person with the right idea is the challenge at hand. I think working with an agency that can make those meetings and pitches is the key to raising your chances for success.”   (PRNewsFoto/Outback Steakhouse, CIA Stock Photography)  A version of this article appeared in Connect magazine.