Streamline Your Event Communication With AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots, EventBots
Your event attendees have lots of questions. You already know this. Which is why you have a website, invested in apps, send emails, and hire humans for live event support. The problem is your attendees aren't looking for answers in the places you’re providing them. So they either bombard you with questions—or worse—fumble their way through the event, and don’t end up having the experience you (and they) were hoping for. Then there’s the issue of event staffing. You need enough people to answer questions during peak communication times, but that means they’ll be there in the valleys (quiet times) too. You know the drill: Two days before the event, there’s nobody—its crickets. Then the day of the event, it's a mob scene.

Luckily, there is a simple, easy, and cost-effective solution to all of this.

In a world where we can do a quick google search or ask Siri or Alexa, we expect and demand instant information. And this is where the current tech (emails, websites, apps) falls short. The reality is when we get an email—it doesn’t matter how well written it is —we scan it, think we’ll get back to it later, and forget about it. When it comes to websites, we get frustrated when we have to click around to find what we’re looking for. And nobody wants to download another app in order to get the information we want when we do need it. This is why we created EventBots. They’re natural language artificial intelligence chatbots. That sounds complex, but they are actually quite simple. If you have a phone, and you can text, then you can use a chatbot. More importantly, your attendees already have the technology in their hand and they know how to use it. There’s nothing new to download. Text a question, get an answer: anytime, anywhere. EventBots create a frictionless experience for the event planner. They’re easy to set up, easy to promote to attendees, and easy to monitor. You get data in real-time that you can use to solve problems onsite. This kind of efficiency in communication means fewer headaches for you and your team, and more time to spend focusing on what matters: putting on the best possible event experience for your attendees. It’s a win-win-win solution. Why text? Because it works. Texts have a 98 percent open rate and they are read within 5 seconds. What does that mean for you? It means your messages get through the clutter. Whether they’re scheduled messages to highlight important times during the event or they’re ad hoc—like when you need to send critical information in an emergency. If you want to make sure your message is read, send a text. They always get through. Sciensio’s complete conversation platform has been trained by our AI interaction designers working with clients on over 100 events. Our EventBots learn more each time and you don’t have to train them! They understand and process over 5 million ways questions about events get asked.

EventBots are the Perfect Technology Team Member:

They say what you want, the way you want it said (every time) > They work 24/7 and don’t take breaks or ask to leave early > They handle hundreds of concurrent interactions > They capture a clear written record of what attendees really ask for Your attendees have the technology in their hand… And they already know how to use it! Get Started