Up for Bid: 2023 WBC USA Open World Qualifier

RFPs for the 2023 WBC USA Open World Qualifier are due by Nov. 11, 2022, by 5 p.m.

Up for Bid: 2023 WBC USA Open World Qualifier

The 2023 WBC USA Open Qualifier is the only World Breaking Classic event in the United States next year. It will feature an open 2v2 breaking competition to decide which duo earns a trip to the WBC World Final 2023. In addition, the WBC USA Open ’23 may customize and expand to include interactive ancillary elements (i.e. breaking clinic, Bkids showcase, live music, art, multiple dance disciplines, after-party, etc.). Here are the details:

Deadline to bid: Nov. 11, 2022

Time of year: April or May 2023

Venue requirements: Flexible floor space of approximately 15,000 square feet to allow for 2-3 dancing circles/squares (20’ x 20’ per circle/square, wood preferred), chair and floor seating, and standing room. Additional space will be used for a judges table, DJ(s) table(s), host/headquarter staff area, live stream table, hospitality area(s) for staff, and activation area(s) for partners. Venue options may include sports facilities, small arenas, theaters, art centers, museums, exhibit halls, etc.

Attendees: 500-1,000 total attendees and approximately 20 national/international dance crew

Room nights: 200-400

For the complete RFP, click here.

Completed proposals should address all of these items and be emailed, preferably as a PDF via Dropbox, to Nick Povalitis, event director, WBC USA Open Qualifier 2023, at Nick@PlusSevenCompany.com by 5 p.m.


Photo Credit: World Breaking Classic