Will the St. Louis Rams Move to Los Angeles?

The NFL has long sought a franchise in the city of angels, and with the news that St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke plans to build a stadium in the city, the question of whether or not the Rams will move to L.A. is becoming easier to answer. Is this a classic ploy from a professional sports team owner in getting more public funding for new digs in St. Louis? If so, one prominent writer has some advice for St. Louis officials: Tell the Rams to shove it. The Rams have always been one of the teams many felt could move to Los Angeles—with Jacksonville, San Diego and Oakland being the other three—but up until recently many within the NFL felt St. Louis was relatively safe. That's all changed, now, however. The team has long been upset with the current stadium (Edward Jones Dome) as it feels improvements need to be made—on someone else's dime, of course—but this seems like more than a power play to get the Dome a new coat of paint. Could the NFL finally get back in the Los Angeles market? Only time will tell, but this is as close as it's been since the Rams were in L.A. in 1995 alongside the now-Oakland Raiders.