LakePoint Sporting Community, Georgia

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LakePoint Sporting CommunityScreen Shot 2016-03-08 at 3.57.43 PM in Emerson, Georgia, is the premier sports vacation destination. Making the world of sports smarter, safer and better, LakePoint is on track to become one of the world’s largest and most unique destinations for travel sports. With more than 1,300 acres located just 35 miles north of downtown Atlanta and adjacent to Lake Allatoona, LakePoint features state-of-the-art sports venues with plans for 5 million square feet of amenities including on-site hotels, restaurants, themed retail, bowling, zip lines, waterparks and much, much more. LakePoint has become home to many leading sports operators including,Perfect Game Baseball, Rally Volleyball and Terminus Cable Wakeboarding. LakePoint continues to welcome national events, exceptional partnerships, keynote sponsors and hundreds of thousands of players and their families. Every detail—from getting your team to each game, finding a place for team dinners or coordinating activities for siblings who are along for the ride—has been considered and accommodated. LakePoint is committed to transforming travel sports into a family vacation experience like no other.
"LakePoint has been instrumental in getting my grassroots quarterback development event called QBEpic off the ground. Nine months ago, the idea of holistically training young quarterbacks in a camp setting was just an idea. Now with the help of LakePoint, that idea is a reality. More than 175 quarterbacks have participated at their world-class facilities. It’s one thing to talk about a big vision… it’s another thing to actually execute the big vision. I’m excited for LakePoint’s push to become the preeminent stay-and-play destination in the United States.” –Trent Dilfer

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LakePoint Indoor Sports Facility

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 4.00.11 PMLakePoint’s Indoor Facility is state-of-the-art, built with extraordinary views of multiple indoor sports environments. Showcasing the largest display of clear-span hardwood flooring in the world, LakePoint’s Indoor Facility is one of the premier venues of its kind. The indoor facility encompasses 170,000 square feet with 12 hardwood basketball courts that convert into 24 volleyball courts, each with digital scoreboards. The large amount of open-court space gives LakePoint the unique capability to host a wide range of indoor sports events year-round. In addition to the sports areas, the indoor facility can entertain corporate events, conventions, trade shows and more. Nine flex rooms in the facility can be used for multiple events or combined into larger meeting areas. There is also a food court, mezzanine, courtyard and much more. Basketball floor flat plan-2

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Multipurpose Turf Fields 

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 4.01.18 PMLakePoint currently has three synthetic turf multipurpose fields, with plans to add an additional 10 fields on the North Campus along with multiple other sports fields and venues. With soccer, lacrosse, football, kickball, rugby and many other sports, competition at LakePoint is showcased within a safe, fun and family-oriented environment with superior facilities, a huge audience and unprecedented programs. All of LakePoint’s athletic fields are equipped with turf from Shaw Sports Turf and permanent lighting from Musco to keep LakePoint on the cutting edge of athletic facilities.