Up for Bid: 2023 Perfect Game World Series

Up for Bid: 2023 Perfect Game World Series

Perfect Game is currently seeking bids to host the 2023 Perfect Game World Series. The event is invitation-only for the best 9U-18U teams in the country. Here are the details:

Time of Year: June 12-July 30, 2023

Deadline to Bid: Oct. 1, 2022

Number of Participants: Range from 10+ teams (18U) to 100+ teams (11U)

Venue Requirements: 45'x65' fields with 200-250-ft. fences (9-10U); 50'x70' fields with 275-ft. fences (11-12U); 60'x90' fields with 315-ft. fences down the line (13U-18U)

Economic Impact: Direct spend of $481,000-$2.2 million per age group.

For the full RFP, click here.

To submit RFPs, email Senior Director of Community Development Angel Natal at anatal@perfectgame.org.


Photo courtesy of Perfect Game.