Up for Bid: 2024-25 NIRCA Spring National Championship

NIRCA is seeking a venue for its 2024 and 2025 Spring Championship, including track & field and half-marathon. Midwest and Mid-Atlantic destinations desired.

Up for Bid: 2024-25 NIRCA Spring National Championship

The National Intercollegiate Running Club Association (NIRCA) is the national governing body for collegiate running clubs. It is currently in the process of searching for a 2024 & 2025 Spring National Championship venue. The 2024 event would take place on the first or second weekend of April 2023 in the Midwest or mid-Atlantic (OH, PA, IL, IN, KY, PA, MD, DE, NY, NJ, WV) with a steeplechase pit and extended runways characteristic of the triple jump event. Because of these necessary features, high school facilities would not be eligible.

Deadline to Bid: RFPs accepted on a rolling basis

Time of Year: April 6-7 or April 13-14, 2024; April 5-6 pr April 12-13, 2025

Attendees: 1,200+ athletes; 500-700 in-person spectators

Venue Preferences and Requirements


Driving distance (six hours or less) for the majority of teams; Within 1 hour of a major airport a plus.

Ideal locations: Midwest (OH, PA, IL, IN, KY) or Mid-Atlantic (PA, MD, DE, NY, NJ, WV)


  • Track with markings for all main collegiate events
  • Facility must have steeplechase and extended runway for jumping events
  • University or college facility; high school facilities will not be considered
  • 8-lane track minimum, 9-lane track preferred
  • Press Box for event operations & tech
  • Wi-fi available around the venue to support live online streaming of the event
  • Seating for at least 300 preferred
  • Partnering with existing road half marathon a high priority

Click here for the full RFP.

To submit a bid, email race.management@clubrunning.org.

For more information, contact:

Stephanie Bartley, NIRCA Director of Events