2016 Game Changers: Marissa Werner, CSEE

Marissa Werner Visit Milwaukee|Marissa Werner Visit Milwaukee
Marissa Werner, CSEE Sports and Entertainment Sales Manager, Visit Milwaukee The list of events Marissa Werner has brought to her hometown over the past five years is staggering. Big East Conference, NCAA, PGA, USA Fencing, USA Table Tennis, USA Ultimate, USA Volleyball and the YMCA have all called Milwaukee home for championships. Connect Sports and NASC have also been to Milwaukee under her watch. In an industry known for sales personnel continuing their efforts through an event’s completion, it’s no wonder Werner stands out. “Marissa has the uncanny ability to bring all influential city organizations together to formulate a massive team and execute some of the largest events within the city,” says Brian D'Amico, national events director at USA Triathlon. D’Amico knows of what he speaks, as he brought 5,000 athletes to Milwaukee for the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships (the NGB’s largest event) in 2015. It was “by far the most successful event to date,” says D’Amico, noting the championship’s unprecedented three-year run in Milwaukee is a testament to Werner, a former Division I volleyball player at Fordham University. Related Post: 6 Questions With Marissa Werner, Visit Milwaukee   The 2016 Game Changers are sponsored by Sports Pittsburgh. Sports Pittsburgh game changers rightsholders