2018 Game Changers: Eric Carlyle, Media Out Loud

Eric Carlyle

Eric Carlyle, SDL is CEO of Media Out Loud LLC. As a 2018 Connect Sports Game Changer, he discusses his passion for sports tourism.

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What I Do: I work to unite the world through sports via the Media Out Loud family of sports diversity brands. Compete Magazine is the world’s only sports diversity magazine, and Sports Diversity Leadership Council is a membership-based designation, certification and sports business.

How I Got Here: My business partner and I both played in the 2006 Bingham Cup, the recreational gay world rugby championship. We noticed very little media coverage around the event. In 2006, we started Compete Magazine and came up with the idea of the SDLC in 2014.

Why I Am a Game Changer: We started the first-ever sports diversity designation, the SDL and sports diversity certification program. In addition, we have assisted many of our members in organizing their own sports tournaments and have created two new sports tournaments—one planned for Richmond, Virginia, and one for Pittsburgh.

Greatest Career Accomplishment: I am the co-founder of the first and only sports diversity magazine and founder of the first and only sport diversity specific designation.

Impressive Stats: The SDLC currently has more than 60 organizational members and more than 25 individual members representing over 100,000 participating members. We expect to double in size by the end of the year.

What I am Working on Now: We are currently working on a new international women’s tournament with one of our members that will be a first of its kind championship event. We will be announcing our first U.S.-based tournament location this fall. SportsPittsburgh