2018 Game Changers: Jim Haddaway, Athletx Sports Group

Jim Haddaway

Jim Haddaway is founder and CEO of Athletx Sports Group. As a 2018 Connect Sports Game Changer, he discusses his passion for sports tourism.

What I Do:I oversee our entire company operations and make sure our talented workforce has everything they need to be great at their jobs, enabling our business to excel. I work alongside some of the best business people I know, the other owners/partners of our organization, as we collectively seek opportunities for the growth and expansion of our company. How I Got Here: As both a serial entrepreneur, owning several businesses in the past, and travel baseball coach, I saw many unique and exciting opportunities in the youth sports industry where I felt I could utilize my marketing, technology and business background.

Why I Am a Game Changer: We created a unique traveling, weeklong experience for diamond sports—the Youth Baseball Nationals and Youth Softball Nationals—that focus on the family-vacation experience above the competition. Our families stay an average of six and a half nights during the event, which has a large economic impact on the communities that host us. We continue to grow our company beyond the weeklong model into team weekend and individual weekend opportunities, as well as the build-out of a media division, while being an experiential company above all else.

Greatest Career Accomplishment: I am proud that we have built Athletx into a national leader in youth diamond sports and embrace the growth on our horizon.

Impressive Stats: We have hosted teams from 47 states and 10 countries at our events, and we have well over 500,000 social media followers through our brands, giving us the largest social media following in youth diamond sports.

What I am Working on Now: Continuing to look for opportunities to grow both externally through M&A and partnerships and internally with our media brand and event brands. What I Do Outside of Work: I love spending time with my wife of 24 years and my three kids, in addition to a great group of friends. SportsPittsburgh