2019 Game Changers: David Stephens

David Stephens

David Stephens is founder and CEO of DynaSports Group and PrimeTime Sports, and is CEO of Bigfoot Hoops in Frisco, Texas. As a 2019 Connect Sports Game Changer, he discusses his passion for sports tourism. 

*Connect with Stephens on Twitter and Instagram. How I got here: After 21 years practicing law, I chose to launch an event management company based upon my experiences with my children. Started with two events in year one to nearly 200 events in 2019, under two brands of our own and operating events for other brands throughout the country. I sold the company in 2016 to Blue Star Sports and integrated our team into a venture capital funded operation. In November 2019, I reacquired our brand, my team followed and we relaunched as an independent operator. In five months, we have made key acquisitions and surpassed our prior performance and market share. The band is back together. Greatest career accomplishment: First, having the courage to launch a business model that was little more than a vision as to how things should be rather than acceptance of how they were. Second, reacquisition of our brand which has allowed us to reclaim our market presence and develop new and exciting business opportunities, while creating a legacy for the team that has made it possible. Impressive stats: We’ve created the opportunity for more than 700,000 young athletes to learn valuable lessons and the joy of competition. What I am working on now: We are leveraging our 19 years of developing an event management model to build a new model for facility programing. SportsPittsburgh