Dean Savoca Unveils 8 Attributes of Successful Leaders

This webinar has passed, but it’s available on demand! Click here to view the session. Webinar | Balance Your Wheel of Influence: 8 Attributes of Successful Leaders When: Tuesday, March 8, 2016, at 2 p.m. EST Everyone can be a leader, regardless of his or her position. Whether you’re executive director, manager or a volunteer, leadership is about influence. How much influence do you have? To be an effective leader, you must be able to influence yourself—through evaluating and managing your own behaviors and habits—before you can influence others and ultimately your organization or community. After conducting 9,000 individual executive coaching sessions and dozens of strategic planning meetings with associations, businesses and boards of directors, Dean Savoca has compiled eight essential attributes of successful leaders into one dynamic program based on his Wheel of Influence, which challenges and benefits leaders of every level of experience and organization size. Learning Objectives 1. Discover eight attributes of successful leaders. 2. Create your own Wheel of Influence to guide professional development and leadership growth. 3. Pinpoint a specific area to work to balance your Wheel and achieve a higher level of influence. *Download the materials you'll need for this session here. Savoca-DeanWho: Dean Savoca, M.Ed., BCC; Savoca Performance Group Dean Savoca, M.Ed., BCC, spent his early career in the hospitality industry as a travel director and account manager for Maritz for nine years, and as a general manager of a Colorado-based destination management company. Now a performance management and results expert, Savoca works at the company and association level as a keynote speaker and conference facilitator; at the team and department level as a management and sales trainer; and at the individual executive level as a coach. Whatever the format, Savoca guides people through processes that focus their attention on core issues and rally them to action. The result is a better bottom line that’s boosted by improved performance, higher productivity and more cohesive teamwork. Website | Facebook | Twitter For more information on past and upcoming webinars, click here.