USA BMX to Move Its Headquarters to Tulsa, Oklahoma

USA BMX has held its biggest event, the USA BMX Grand National, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, over Thanksgiving weekend since 1999. Soon, it will be home for the holidays. USA BMX announced in April it is moving its headquarters from Gilbert, Arizona, to Tulsa. The American Bicycle Association is also coming along for the ride. The hope is for the $15 million complex, a publicly funded project, to be up and running by fall 2019. Early estimates point to a $10 million economic impact for the region. “To have a community invest $15 million into a project like this speaks volumes to the quality of events we are producing and our ability to be impactful within a community,” says John David, chief operating officer of USA BMX and American Bicycle Association. “We’re really proud of that.” Since David joined the NGO in 2000, the sport—which gained Olympic status in 2008—and the organization have boomed. USA BMX has grown from 16 employees to 35, necessitating the move to a larger complex. Relocating the staff will be a “monumental effort,” says David, but worth it given Tulsa’s commitment. Occupying underutilized property at Expo Square in Tulsa, the development includes construction of a fully enclosed and climate-controlled National Track Stadium and USA BMX’s national headquarters, which will occupy Drillers Stadium on the Tulsa County Fairgrounds (a former Minor League Baseball venue). The headquarters will include a training facility and dormitories for Olympic-caliber athletes to stay in. The National BMX Hall of Fame will relocate from Chula Vista, California, too. “It has long been our dream to house everything under one roof that’s the epicenter of USA BMX,” says David. In addition to hosting a USA BMX event in January and providing additional space for the Grand National, the new complex is capable of housing international competitions and will be used for local events. “It’s our hope every kid in Tulsa learns to ride their bike there,” says David.