Grand Park Is the Largest Mixed-Use Youth Facility in U.S.

Located 28 miles north of Indianapolis sits Westfield, Indiana, a town with a population of 32,000 and little in terms of national identity. Until now. Westfield is now home to Grand Park, the largest mixed-use youth sports facility in the country. The $45 million project includes 26 baseball/softball diamonds—synthetic turf and natural grass—and 31 soccer fields that can also be used for lacrosse, rugby and other field sports. "I'm not aware of any facilities that have more baseball fields than us and certainly there are no facilities that have as many baseball and multi-purpose soccer fields as we have," Grand Park developer Steve Henke said. The park opened in March and has already seen more than 400,000 visitors come through, with an additional 400,000 expected through the first year of operations. Youth sports and collegiate baseball teams have already used the facility, bringing in an average of 20,000 fans each weekend of use. Westfield officials plan to build an ice-skating rink as well as indoor basketball facilities to allow for year-round use of the complex. There are also plans for a 20-acre sports village, a wellness rehabilitation center outside of the park, and hotel and restaurants.