Up for Bid: 2023 USA Gymnastics Championships

Up for Bid: 2023 USA Gymnastics Championships

The RFP process is open for the 2023 USA Gymnastics Championships. The event is a five-day competition. Here are the details:

Deadline to Bid: Spring 2022

Time of Year: June 20-24 2023  

Venue: Competition Arena with 6,000 seats and floor measuring 100 ft. wide x 225 ft. long with a minimum 40’ ceiling height. Acrobatic venue requires 30,000 square feet anf 600 seats; Rhymic venue needs 20,000 square feet and seating for 300.

Participants: 1,600 athletes, 600 coaches

Room Nights: 3,945

For the RFP, click here.

Please notify Scott Cole, Director of Event Operations (scole@usagym.org) of your interest and copy Grace Schumacher, Event Coordinator (gschumacher@usagym.org).

Photo Credit: Explore St. Louis