TBT Is Headed to Rucker Park

TBT Is Header to Rucker Park

The Basketball Tournament – TBT isn’t just thinking outside the box. The $1 million winner-take-all Summer series is headed outside the arena. 

Rucker Park, a famed outdoor venue in New York, will host one of the event’s eight regional sites for action between July 16-20. This is first time in TBT’s nine-year history that games will be played outdoors.

“We’re excited to bring TBT’s brand of high stakes, open-to-all basketball to the most storied court in the world,” said TBT founder and CEO Jon Mugar in a statement.

TBT’s Rucker Park Regional will feature activations from leading partners Chick-fil-A Tri-State and the NBPA. The event will also be supported by TBT partners Puma, Zelle, and E&J Brandy.

NBA players will serve as instructors for youth clinics as part of the event celebrating basketball’s grassroots level. In total, 64 teams will compete across eight sites when the event tips off. Other host locations for TBT 2022 are:

•    City of Charleston
•    University of Dayton
•    University of New Mexico
•    City of Omaha
•    City of Syracuse
•    Wichita State University
•    Xavier University

The University of Dayton will host the semifinals and finals on July 31 and August 2. It also housed the championship rounds in 2021, a year after Columbus, Ohio, hosted a bubble version of the tournament.

The Elam Ending is one of TBT’s most distinguishing features. The shot clock is shut off during each game’s fourth quarter and a target score—eight points more than the leading team’s total—is set. The first team to the target score wins. The idea is to eliminate excessive fouling to elongate games, which allows for a fluid, exciting version of basketball.

Photo Credit: TBT